June 27, 2006

踊り (dance)

So picture it: I am doing the English lesson for cable TV yet again. This time we are shooting in the school library for I don't know what reason. The rain is pouring. We come to the final part of my speech, where I explain in Tara-dialect about practicing dancing for summer festivals. I get a gleam in my eye, and tell my translator a good idea I just had.
So the final shot is me and two cable television workers dancing matsuri style.
But the funniest part, and the highlight of my day, was when we were waiting for the sound of the rain to die down so we could film this scene. I spied one of the men, tall and lanky, walking through the shelves of books, practicing his moves with a kind of mock-seriousness.
I suppose you could say it was kind of like this.