June 26, 2006

Sparing you the tag

No one responds to meme tags anymore (they probably don't read them either), so I'll just skip that part. I am still too polite to refuse myself, so here is what Mandy ordered me to answer:

5 Things In My refrigerator
- 2 quarts of milk (more milk than in any other fridge in Japan)
- bread ('tis the moldy season)
- Various sauces left by my predecessor. I should throw those out...
- Champon noodles
- A Natto slime-stain

5 Things In My Closet
- Clothes, duh.
- Giant suit cases. Hmmm, running out of stuff, better make it up...
- A vampire's ashes.
- An illegal alien.
- My black-as-coal heart. This makes me effectively immortal, unless someone were to find my heart and destroy it. But no one knows where it is so no worries...

5 Things In My Workbag/Backpack
- New Nintendo DS Lite.
- iPod mini.
- Moleskin sketchbook.
- calligraphy pen.
- 6 ten-sided dice.

5 Things In My Car
- Gym Clothes and shoes.
- Lots of change.
- A fake pearl necklace.
- A sack of good smellin'beeds.
- Look, I'm really not into material possessions...