June 20, 2006

Stuck here till four, might as well blog out my epiphany

So my epiphany, the x-factor as it were. Something that has be thus far missing from my loving-hippie style repetoir: Don't point out when something is doing or saying something you disagree with. It's so simple, I don't know why I didn't see it before.
Of course there will have to be exceptions. Times when you can't just lay back and let any crazy stuff be said. For example, I remember a movie I watched in school once about Neonazis. The Jewish people said amongst themselves, "Maybe we should just let them have their Nazi demonstration. Nobody will listen to them."
But then another said, "That's what we did in Germany. And we know what happened with the Nazis we tried to ignore there."
But the exceptions should be few and far between, as Nazi-types are out of fashion. Besides, as virtue is its own reward, so too is bigotry its own punishment. If I have time to complain about someone else, there's probably something better I could be doing.
The other challenge will be to be assertive while trying to hold to this.
apologies if the blogs have been angst-filled the last few days, I'll try to bring the funny tonight.