June 16, 2006


I am not so much into Sudoku. You would think it would be the perfect thing to appeal to a boy that had a mathematician grandfather on one side, and a pair of artist grandparents on the other. But I know a lot of friends and family, not to mention someone's fiance, likes Sudoku. So I thought I would share with you what is, in my opinion (which is right 88.965% of the time--and scientists are working on the remainder) the best Sudoku on the net. You will see why when you try to play it.
So go here. Thank me later, over some hot cocoa, as we laugh about our adventures in the lands of the Serengety. "But Clay, besides that not making sense, I've never been to--"
"Oh you will, my friend. You will. You can't even imagine the doors that open for you when you play Sudoku on the web."

Man I'm bored at the moment.