June 24, 2006

Arabian humor

First, I must direct you to The Thief and the Cobbler. A lost animated movie that thankfully ended up on the net. It's pretty impressive, considering it started production in 1968, and some scenes are unanimated. The animator definitely had an appreciation of the oriental pattern-art. And Vincent Price voice acting for the win.
On a certain day, some of Nasreddin's disciples asked him "Master, tell us about the end of the world."

Nesreddin asked "Which end of the world, the greater or the lesser?"

This perplexed his followers and they debated among themselves. Finally they asked, "Master, what is the lesser end of the world?"

Nesreddin replied "The lesser end of the world will be when my wife dies."

His followers then asked "And the later end of the world?"

"Oh," said the master, "that will be when I die."