May 3, 2006

Fish song to go with those fish kites

屋根 より 高い こいのぼり
Yane yori Takai koinobori
roof (more) than high carp streamers
Carp streamers are soaring above the roof
大きい 真鯉 は お父さん
Ookii magoi wa otoosan
big black carp as for father
The big, black carp is the father
小さい 緋鯉 は 子供たち
Chiisai higoi wa kodomo tachi
small colorful carp as for children
The small ones are children
面白 そう に 泳いでる
Omoshiro soo ni oyoideru
interesting look like swiming
Looks interesting, like they are swimming

I phrased my traslation with slight liberty, to make it how I think an English speaker would sing such concepts. More info on fish flags here.