January 22, 2009

Changes to Those Links in The Sidebar

I have removed some of the links from the Japanese study section of the sidebar on the right of this page. Some of them have become obsolete, in this age of Anki and iKnow. Some are not useful to me anymore; those I think I may personally use from time to time were left up. This blog is for my benefit too after all!
Also, I used Page2RSS to convert some of the links to feeds, and they now appear in my Japanese Study Feeds. Despite not having feeds themselves, if something updates, it will show up. You can even subscribe to all my Japanese study feeds if you want.

Also, I added a "study with me" section, for those that think they can keep up with my awesome brain. Unfortunately, the Lang-8 widget seems to have died (anyone else experience that?)

For posterity's sake, here are the links that fell by the wayside:
Visualizing J Gram
The Japanese Page(feeded)
Vocab Drills
Many Things(just too darn glitchy)
The Kanji Site
Kanji Test