January 26, 2009

Pics from the News: Frisky Panda Edition

The links in this article will all be to Japanese news stories; I hope to provide good reading practice to those of you that are interested, as well as interesting pics and bite-size chunks of news for those of you that don't do the moon-speak. Regular feature gets! Maybe.

Young and big-statured, yet with a dignified, obedient air, the Red Panda Cha'o* is being relocated so that he can get down and make some babies, which scientists estimate will be the cutes things ever.
..What do you do when your temple's statue has fallen into disrepair? Ship it off to an art college to get it fixed of course.
..Yatterman, a classic anime series, is making the transition to a live action movie, and so is the leather costume of the villain, complete with 18cm high heels. Fanboys the world over squealed at seeing the first images of the costume. Claytonians the world over squealed with joy upon learning that Takashi Miike is the director!
Why are these men smiling? Hopefully it's because they are on the level, as 16 percent of gnomefish caught in 2007 were illegal. The sea is running out of fish, or so I keep hearing.

Bonus vocabulary:
Gnomefish apparently have another, also funny name: scombrops boops
横行 can mean "prolific" as in "prolific gnomefish poaching".
網タイツ means fishnet stockings.
*Cha'o is the best way I could think of to indicate the pronunciation for チャオ. But I'm not sure how people normally handle this...