January 14, 2009

Karaoke Training: Bad Economy Edition

Welcome to the first in a series of posts where I give you interesting songs I've found on youtube with the lyrics attached. Karaoke is an excellent way to learn Japanese and impress the natives.
Anyways, the song and artist are listed as :
泣ける歌「スタートライン」by 馬場俊英(Babatoshihide--boy, I hope that is not a real name). I thought it was a good song considering all the gloom of the recession atmosphere.
Speaking of which, the other day I helped a Shrilankan from our school the other day to look for a job. I don't know why I chose to volunteer when he wasn't asking, but I kinda said, "Let's find you a job, I'll translate," and off I dragged him. But every place we went to wanted a bit of Japanese fluency, and he is yet a beginner. I figured I could get him at least a dish washing job somewhere, but no luck.
In the end, he complained that my country had ruined the worlds economy and I couldn't disagree. Also, he didn't thank me at all, which made me wonder if he was annoyed at me for wasting his time in a futile endeavor (he was pessimistic about getting any job outside a factory, and I don't even know where any factories are, so I just tried bars and restaurants). Or maybe it was a cultural thing :-/