January 6, 2009

Profound...ly Stupid

Folks, I wish I had some kind of great comeback post for you, but I guess you may have to wait until post 1,000 to see some dynamite from me.
I spent the last two weeks fairly internetless. I studied a bit, then got bored. Then I read the novelization of Trick a bit, but got sleepy. I caught up on 6 months of sleep and that is how I spent my winter break. This was all a repeating pattern.

Now the time has come for the resolutions. I think I am going to keep a food/exercise diary. I gots the "metabolic syndrome", as the Japanese might say in their borrowed-wrong-English way.

Also, I'd like to post a bit about studying, to keep up with the Blog Joneses. So I will promise you something like that soon. And stuff about the interesting parts of the language. And maybe some recommendations. Oh and videos too. I've got to get back on that, but my camera is a bit broken...

For now, just let me catch up on my Google Reader. Check out my shared items to the right for the gold.