January 19, 2009

Various Depictions of Foreigners in Anime (Funny)

This post has been brewing for a long time; I've noticed all of these videos before, but finally decided to collect them together. These are pretty easy to understand, so you can enjoy the bizarreness.

This vid is from a series called Sakigake!! Otokojuku. Awesome voice acting. And way to make a bottle into a sharp weapon, though the guy does drop it. "Damn it." Lick.
There is the setup scene for that one, with slightly less Engrish, here.
Then we have three scenes from Azumanga Daiyo, a series with a very Japanese sense of comedic pacing:

Pera-pera, with rolled-r's is exactly what I taught my first years.

Can I carry that for you? All foreigners speak in English (with a foreign accent).

The impressive coolness of English. Some odd nihonjinron thrown in there too.
Bonus: This is how British people cook! Actually, I expected a mention of chip-fat...