January 14, 2009

English Help with an Unexpected Accent

So the internet guy finally came by. He did something that took only a minute and left without a word of instruction. Oh well, says I and I tries to connect me nets.
No dice. For one thing, OS X conspires against me at every turn. It tries to use old passwords, and doesn't let me delete things from the key chain (I just deny it's requests when I can). It also changes locked internet settings. Anyways, I had to call the KDDI service center (they didn't wait to see if I could understand Japanese, and transferred me right to the English center, which seemed to be staffed by an Indian woman), then the Mac English service center (only nihonjins there), then the KDDI center again. This time I got a young man with a hispanic accent. After trying everything, he told me to look at my router. It was blinking. That is no good, apparently. He said something odd about the internet being installed just that day, so I had to wait. That line is still blinking. Incidentally, I can send pings to an ISP, but not any websites. And the Mac thinks the internet is working at times, but won't connect.
If anybody else has had an experience of waiting for the stars to align before being able to connect for the first time in Japan, let me know. As it is, I am wondering why I need the internet at all. I've gone six months without it, and the only thing I've missed was emails and being able to use online Japanese dictionaries, ALC, etc. I could just set up filters to forward certain emails to my cell, so why bother with the net? I should be studying anyways...

Well, I say that, but I still crave my net fix.