January 23, 2009

Japanese Commedy: Snickering Gaki Edition

Gaki No Tsukai is an odd show, to say the least. A lot of their entertainment involves putting themselves into painful or gross situations and trying not too laugh. First up, a scene that was new to me:

The boys try to sleep through a staff meeting, even when doused with hot water, Can be seen here.
And the second part Is here.

Next up is a staff meeting where they have to pay a fine if they laugh at their foreign guest, Bob Sapp:

Arguably, katakana subtitles are actually not insulting transcribing in his case. Don't tell him I said that. Part 2:

Let's finish up with something that likes your life on the Japanophilioblogosphere complete: A playlist of Silent Library.

Bonus Language Training:
A conclusion to the sleep clips, but it's all speaking in Kansai-ben, so you've gotta be good to understand it. ガンバッテ
Bonus Link Love: This show can be watched legally and crisply if you live in America or have a workaround for Hulu. Apple Otaku has the details.