May 26, 2009

Evil Dead the Musical in Japan!

As I am studying for the JLPT, I have not been going out lately. I am so tempted to make an exception for this show, which is running right through the day of the test. Maybe I could get a ticket for that night (July 5th) to reward myself for so bravely facing the horrors of the test yet again.

Ikebukuro, the Sunshain Gekijyou (Sunshine theater)--
Sam Rami's classic has been remade as a musical. Already a success off broadway, it has come to Japan too (6/25 through 7/5). Bruce obviously is out on this one, so the star is this pretty boy. You can speck tickets here.
[J Article]

Interestingly the Japanese title of the Evil Dead series is 死霊のはらわた, which translates to corpse guts. The third film in the series became--I kid you not-- キャプテン・スーパーマーケット (Captain Supermarket).

Since I seem to be addicted to embedding YouTube vids, here is a Japanese preview for the movie:

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