May 13, 2009

A little more on Anki developments

First I gotta point out, I forgot to elucidate on the "=" marks in the cards last post, so I went back and added that in.
Lately, I discovered that Anki has the option to add a field to type in your answers. I set the "reading" part of the card to be the one you have to punch in on my giant deck. You still have to rate your recall powers from 1-4.
As I really want to focus my studies, this replaces both Read the Kanji and iKnow for me for now. They both still have their merits, but I'm going to be focusing on Anki study for a while. The typing really helps give that extra edge for remembering (perhaps its the kinesthetic factor), much like circling the troublesome parts of a kanji help me to remember them. I also still say each answer out loud and type something for about everything to lock it all in.

Now if only I could find a way to speed up input. I am still averaging 80 to 100 new entries a day. Direct downloads from my brain would be nice...