May 18, 2009

Tears of Bubble-Bursting Joy

(click to zoom)
Passing by one of those machines where you buy little toys, I was stopped in my tracks by this image. It's an add for a toy that simulated bubble wrap. You can pop that sucker forever, and for some people, the joy that is felt is apparently tear-jerking. プチプチ (puchi-puchi) is the sound of popping I guess.
I was reminded to post this when I saw that Elysesewell, international model and documenter of lulz-filled Asia, posted another image from the same series at the bottom of this post. The product in that one is a box you with a tab you can pull forever. Even the cat cries tears of joy over that. I've seen some of the products in that post in Japan.

Here's another odd one. In men's magazines, they often post men that are ridiculously successful by following some ridiculous scheme. Sorry the resolution is a bit blurry, but the guy gets piles of money and women to grope, but still has wicked-yellow teeth. What really didn't come through in this photo of the ad. is the weird nature of the woman's eyes. Trust me, the ad was funny and scary at the same time. I think I was possessed by the add, because I woke up after going through a strange, fugue-like state to find myself covered in blood and money. Three days had elapsed without my knowledge.