May 11, 2009

Karaoke Practice: Tribute to Kiyoshiro

The song known in the west as Sukiyaki is a good karaoke standby. The lyrics are pretty simple, and you can even find it in American karaoke machines (the romaji totally threw me off when I did it there though).
During one karaoke party here, I selected what I thought was the song, but got what I think was this version.
I did my best to compensate for the change of pace, and it was actually pretty fun. For those of you that want to master the basic version though, here you go:

But back to that first link for a second. I turned on the TV this morning to see that Imawano Kiyoshiro had passed on. Seems like I have heard him a bit, but I'm not too familiar. Luckily Fushou Note has a couple of posts with collections of his works.
Next time you are at the snack bar, or wherever you croon, raise you glass in tribute, and sing one of his songs. I also suggest that next time you are walking under a starry sky, look up an whistle the tune to this song.