May 20, 2009

Japan is Loud!

This is a vid of a man selling warabimochi from an truck and loudspeakers (kinda like an ice cream man in America) [via Yamato Logic]. It's gone douga-viral. Back when I made English lessons for our local cable in Saga, I remember that I used the word ぷるぷる (purupuru) to talk about our local delicacy, roasted oysters, but the guy in the van has mad purupuru skillz yo. As for the meaning of purupuru, well, it's hard to describe, but it's like soft-yummy-wobbly. And maybe juicy.

Along with politicians and the firetruck that drives by every night yelling at us to be safe, things like this combine to make the streets of Japan quite 煩い (urusai, meaning loud, annoying, "shut up!" and a load of other things). Due to a lack of insulation, I hear everything loud and clear. I made a video about the sounds of Japan a while back that you may have seen that is titled "Japan is Loud!"

Also, below is one of my favorite Japanese CMs, 日本人はうるさい! (Japanese sure are fussy):