May 14, 2009

Japan News Pic: Cryptid Snake on a Stick

Gifu prefecture-- Just like something out of the Simpsons, festive hunts for the cryptid 槌の子 (tsuchinoko, a legendary snake species) took place this year during Golden Week. The prize was 1,200,000 yen if someone actually managed to capture one of these beasties (alas not this year).

Later folks settled down to eat a very specially shaped 五平餅 (goheimochi, a type of mochi cooked on skewers and covered in sauce).
[link--visit the original Japanese article and see a pic of the Tsuchinoko Museum]

For those of you that enjoy reading Japanese, I really recommend this article. It has a very appetizing description. For those of you in Gifu-ken, an address is provided too!

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