May 12, 2009

Download: Anki Grammar Deck for 1kyu Study

Okay, after threatening to unleash a new anki Japanese grammar deck upon the world for a while, I have finally done it. I've learned a lot since the days when I wrote out those grammar lists that I put up on Google Docs. Every day we have quizzes at my language school and I take notes on usage and such. This deck is the culmination of that.

There are some things you need to know to understand how to use these cards though.
  • "f." stands for both "front" and "follows" For instance, "f. あげく" means "what goes in front of あげく?"
  • "nu." stands for nuance. Questions where I wanted to remind myself of how a grammar is used. It sometimes gets paired with "essay."
  • "essay" means, how is this used in the reading section of the test. Often, words direct you to look forward or back.
  • "__" means "fill in the blank". For instance in "noun__のに" the answer that anki is looking for is "な".
  • nouns and other parts of speech are sometime abbreviated (like "n"), and sometimes romajied from their Japanese words. Other times I wrote the Japanese linguistic terms, so you might want to already know what a 形容動詞 or a 修飾型 is.
  • Some of the questions are really simple things that I keep forgetting, sometimes the question and answer may be too mystifying. So feel free to delete cards you don't get or like.
  • if there are no special symbols or abbreviations in the question, you just need to give the meaning like a normal anki card.
  • Some cards ask you an actual question. ex: "Who do you usually talk about when you use ときたら?"
  • EDIT: I forgot about "=" signs. Those are looking for equivalent Japanese expressions, not English.

    I'd like feedback on any mistakes in the cards, via comments to this post, where others using the deck can see them. This is not a perfect deck; I may upgrade it a bit in the future.
    You may find a good grammar reference book handy while studying. I recommend this one:

    It has English, Chinese, and Korean explanations for all levels of the test. And it's an ALC product, so you know it's pretty quality.

    And here be the link to download the deck!
    EDIT: Or if you are savvy enough to sync with a shared deck, the ID seems to be a74a8f213db81f5d