September 15, 2005

A few Japan pics...

First, I just wanted you Clayophiles to know that I've posted a new version of my short story, En Passant, on my other blog. Take a look, and while you're there, relieve Kit a little (he's been the only one giving me suggestions on my writing thus far) by critiquing or discussing anything in das experiment.

This is an orange mikan. Yeah, what you're thinking right now, I was thinking that too. Anyways, that's what they look like in Tara-town. We're famous for them.

That creepy Kappa anime where the people don't have faces.

A Japanese McDonald's commercial with the novelty of a French kid.

Slam Dunk! The anime about basketball. And I think Americans as well, because all the main characters are really tall, and one is definitely black. So my guess is that it is set on Okinawa Air Force base. But My Japanese is not yet good enough to figure that out for certain.