September 2, 2005

First day of class (finally)

Okay! Things were fun today as I finally got to teach! Holy crap, it was hot. Holy crap I was sweaty. Holy crap I and the kids mutually slimed each other with sweat when we shook hands.
The children were asked to write down three questions, in English, for me to answer. I got so many "How tall are you?" queries that it was maddening. And more than a few, "do you have a girfriend?" "Do you like Ms. Sato?" and "Which girl do you think is the prettiest in this class?" questions. I answered as diplomatically as possible.
Today I taught the English teacher the words azure, icky, and diaphanous.
In a follow-up to the last post, I must document that me and my supervisor tried to go over the joke one more time with no success. Then I did this one as a case study:
me: What's this? *rapidly traces the top half of an invisible circle with finger, bouncing back and forth*
coworkers: ...
me: The top half of this. *traces bottom half of the circle.*
I tried to explain how it is so simple, so stupid, that it is humorous. No comprehension on their end. I'll try again next year.