September 30, 2005

Today, I corrected a page at wikibooks in the Japanese section. I feel very proud of this. Also, I refered to myself spontaniously (without planning to) as "boku" (masculine version of I/me/myself) as I talked to the yakitori man tonight. This also brings me odd pride.
I always get two milks with my school lunches. The teachers know instinctually that I like two. Today, I was told I could also get one out of the fridge, so I did, and a teacher rushed over to me.
Teacher: < You get milk? >
me: yes
then she brings me five milks.
So needless to say I had a lot of milk and yakitory tonight. This is satisfaction.
A game I came up with for the students, where they fill in blank speech bubble on my drawing. If you enlarge, you may be able to see what I thought was a pretty funny one.
Panel 1: "What is this?" "It's a bird"
Panel 2: PLEASE ME
Panel 3: (Girl puts bird on head) "OK" "..."

Students cleaning the school. Can you imagine if American students were expected to do the same? Neither can I.

View from the third level of the school.

Primary children gazing in wonder at my splendor.

Another worksheet I made for the students. I thougth it was funny.