September 4, 2005

Shopping and miscommunication

Why the lack of pics recently? Well it's because I have stopped using my bulky digital camera in favor of my new super-sugoi cell phone. This thing's got it all. Coarse, I have yet to receive a call*, but I have only my shy self to blame for that (^_^;). Anyhoo, I went to Kashima to get a memory stick and a card reader so I could transfer pics to PC and then blog, but they sold me the wrong size one. I was explicit: "Onaji desu ka?" I said pointing to the catalogue and then the memory card they handed me. Is this the same?. They assured me that it was. They were wrong. I would have turned right around and gotten a refund, but they were now closed (I had spent my time in the store up until closing in the massage chair. Heh).
The one thing I did buy that worked is an optical mouse. If you'll excuse me now, I'm gonna use it for some Halflife 2.
*My supervisor has texted me a couple times.
Earlier in the day, I got mad when I found out a party happened without inviting me, until I found out that the party was plainly annouced on the Saga-Jet website. Whoops, goes to show a thing that I constantly forget: If you are mad, you probably don't have just reason to be.
Then I inserted foot into mouth when communicating with someone via the net today. I may not be able to recover that one. Sorry, Corley.