September 5, 2005

Photocard arrived

The advantage: Having a thin phone and camera/video camera in one.
the disadvantage: I can't seem to set the camera to a higher resolution... take a look, I may post some movies soon.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get some supplies to wait out the typhoon. At least school is canceled tomorrow...

View from an enkai (partay).

Lil'uns doing karate.

Two girls that spent a lot of time, like me, on the massage chairs at the electronics store.

The kids from karate again.

I ate most of the fish, but stayed away from the eyeballs.

Some kind of mechanical bull that is supposed to be used like exercise equipment. You sit on top and move your arms in various ways. I can't help but wonder if it has the same appeal as horse riding and bike riding.

The junior high art teacher's house.

It's hard to see, but in the center of the pic there is a kitten hiding. It is one of a mischievous pair that have been hanging around my yard lately. I want a cat...

I'm... just not sure... Is there anyone living next to Hizen-Yamaguchi station that cares to illuminate me on what this is?

How is men's pocky different from normal pocky? I'm not sure, but it is somehow better to suck than regular pocky. Wait... that doesn't sound right...