September 6, 2005

Japanese Entertainment

Reasons why I stayed up late last night:
1)I'm an insomniac
2)My folks called and wanted to talk
3)Typhoons are loud
4)Death of a Samurai

Death of a Samurai is a post-modern, j-pop rock ballet set in a post-apocalyptic world where werewolves roam free and ninjas wear fatigues. At least that's how I would describe it. I would also use the word brilliant. You can see details about the show through this translated-via-google webpage. The google translation is hilarious btw. I got to see the show thanks to my satellite tv. Any other people living in Japan take note, it's showing at midnight on channel 239 of Skyperfect until the 15th, and there are two versions shown, one after the other.
I've totally got a crush on Misume (top left woman); I'm gonna keep an eye on their theater company, afro 13.
Okay, other Japanese entertainment I shouldn't keep to myself:
Gamar and Jobat, I think their name is. They entertain kids, and me.

One of the strangest things I've run across is the "How to Breed Kappas" anime/manga. This thing, the first time I saw it, came on and had me horrified. It was so creepy because none of the humans had faces. And the kappas, instead of being warrior-turtle-demons like in Japanese mythology, are pets that eventually grow into human-like creatures. And they seem to poop gumballs. Wouldn't you be terrified if you saw that?
Then I found the series again when I bought a manga publication. Totally creeped out/fascinated. The listedwebsite is not very illuminating, and filled with random pictures of dogs and such, though I did find the English version of their page hilarious, and I found this much more informative one.
Takeshi Miike time *malicious grin*
Yes, I love the world's strangest director. Here's a few of his flicks I saw recently:

Audition: You would think an audition would be a good screening process to find a new wife... but you might want to pay attention to your friend who checks her background and finds she's lying about everything. This movie has the most painful scene you'll ever watch, guaranteed. Not for the faint of heart...

Kooshoonin: A police negotiator drama with a twist. I particularly enjoyed seeing the foreigners. This movie is not an exemplar of the usual Miike weirdness, but it is full of usual Miike suprises.

Happiness of the Katakuris: The best musical/claymation/liveaction/suspense movie ever. You gotta watch this one if you have the chance.