September 14, 2005

Gatalypic hopeful

I was kind of disappointed today to hear that I won't be participating in a special "beat some thing with a stick and trip your opponents" type event in this year's matsuri, due to the fact that everyone is too shy to wear the requisite loincloths. My response: "Boku mo."
But at least the Gatalympics is still on, so you can bet I'll be there to represent for the gaijins*!

*:Not sure if I should pluralize a Japanese word or not, but it's in Romanji, so...
In other news, I started Karate. I have terrible posture, I've forgotten all of my skills, and I am so sore right now. Very happy.
And the first Japanese girl to develop a crush on me is, I'm guessing, eight years old. Kids like me. One cried when I left his house today.

"We're the Ottomans! And you're not!" [/obscure Earnest reference that stuck with me from childhood for no apparent reason RIP Jim Varney]
More interesting info about mudskippers/Gatalypics here.