September 28, 2005

Unforeseen transition from butt to mouth

"It must be beautiful future that people do not have to work while ROBOT work for them."--some Japanese guy in the Jref forum.

today's discovery: Be it on the head, arm or knuckles, gaijin hair fascinates elementary students and they are instantly compelled to pet it.
I got the dreaded koncho today (definition and description here), but it was a more of the let's-test-your-butt variety, and so it didn't hurt. I immediately turned around and tried to say "dame yo", but I messed up, so I said it one more time clearly, to get the message across.
Hopefully the kid will take me seriously, but I think it's hard to take me seriously because I grin so dang much. I don't even realize I'm grinning or smirking the vast majority of the time. I recall giving a crazy bum a ride once with Ben's cousin and before the bum went off into the night, he warned her that I was "too quick to grin."

The advantage of grinning so much: I think it adds to my ultra-forgivable status. People have developed counter-methods to combat this, such as refusing to meet me in person when they are upset with me.
Small photo dump
The cameraman that filmed me for cable tv

View of the town

Angry sea

Froggy w/pinky to show how small it is.

I'm surprised this is the only pseudo kanji I've seen in a country that is famous for adapting things from other cultures. The Japanese person I was with posited that it means tear (泣).