March 21, 2007

I learn Spanish in 10 mins (vlog)

Oh noes I forgot my signature intro bar in this vid.


  1. Watch the cucumber, eh?

    My bro speaks both Spanish and French pretty fluently. He has a decent grasp of the Japanese language, too. Me - I struggled through four semesters of Italian in college, but I can sound realllly authentic when ordering at any Italian restaurant.

  2. I was really trying to watch the cucumber, but I couldn't see it. It's a quick'un!

    I think many Japanese people just assume that if you aren't from somewhere in Asia then you must be from America. The next time you encounter a random "Hello!" on the street, respond with, "Parlez vous Français?" just to throw them off. If they do happen to parlez vous Français, then respond with, "Spreken zie Deutsch?" or "Hablo Español?", whichever you feel fits the mood of the scene.

  3. Clayton, the music volume now is OK!

  4. I LOVE VEGGIE TALES! haha, Larry the Cucumber rocks. I want to learn Spanish, but well Japanese is kicking my butt as it is. Oh I enabled rss feeds on my blog. Hope all went well with the Spanish guy meeting. (Did he speak english?)

  5. Hi, could anyone tell me where can I take the music from the end? The one who sings.. "miren al pepino". It sounds incredible. Thanks.

  6. ... VEGGIE TALES. OK :P


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