March 13, 2007

Morning Commute

Half the week I drive along a scenic highway, with sea on my left and mountains on my right, and the occassional land mass on my left as well, such as the abandonded hotel. Anyways, two things about my commute:
There is a man who jogs every morning. He wears shorts. And panty-hoes.
If I am late for work, I will be further delayed by a yellow plate*. Today's yellow plate decided to stop and turn on his blinker to indicate he would turn right. Then he pulled twenty feet ahead and stopped again. Then he decided his turn was in fact a kilometer down the road. The whole time he was slow, and the whole time I was yelling, "Common! What are you--The panty-hoes guy is going to beat me to work!"

*:Yellow plate: Smaller, cheaper, fuel-effecient cars. Also slower. They sport a yellow license plate.