March 14, 2007

My town and wikifying it (video)

So the state of wikipedia articles on places in Saga-ken is very sad. I finally decided to edit my town's entry, since I know a little bit, what with living here. Now the English page on wiki is longer than the Japanese wiki's. That's not really suprising; Japanese wikipedia is painfully dry. You can still be a good writer while having a neutral and academic point of view in English, but Japanese seems to lack that ability, if wiki is any indication.
So, is your town's wiki looking good? Get to work, be proud of where you live! When I started looking, I found tons of info (via sources like three giant books and diagrams of secret-Christian graves), especially about a guy I mentioned way back (Takeno Shintaro), the Gatalympics, and festivals. My next wiki projects: Saga-ben, Saga International Balloon Fiesta, and Hadake (naked!) Matsuris.
But can you help me with the page a bit? This is a community thing after all. Go look, and correct any mistake you see. I am a notrious misspeller. ;)

Also, how about this? Can you translate this bad boy into an understandable term (I got the romaji covered)?: 流れ灌頂


Why is the white man taking our picture?