March 14, 2007

You are a horrible mother.

I mean seriously, you never made anything like this for your kid's lunch. Did you? Case closed, lazy mother. You can see more here. [via]
(note, this is not addressed to my mum, saint that she is; it's address to you)


  1. But, Clay, I'm a man. I can't be a bad mother. :-P

    Crazy bentos.

  2. Your masculinity makes you just that worse of a mother. For shame.

  3. Wow, this one is amazing! Hey, my name is Christopher, and I'm actually working on the beginning stages of a book on Japanese obento designs. I'll be traveling to Tokyo late this summer for some hands-on searching. I dont read kanji or speak Japanese, tho I have a few friends to rely on in Tokyo... Know of anything that could help me out?

    christopher [at] markbattypublisher [dot] com


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