March 10, 2007

What are your super powers? (movie)


  1. My superpower:
    I have the fastest reflexes of anyone I have ever met...but only when I'm totally not expecting something to happen. If I try to be quick consciously, then I just end up looking like a fool.

    example: I accidentally karate-chopped a chopstick off the side of the table about two years ago. You know how it is, the chopstick is partially hanging off the table, and I swung my arm down to reach for my bag under the table at the restaurant, but I ended up smacking the chopstick and flinging it off the table. Anyways, I caught it mid-flight as it rocketed between two chairs.

    Everyone around me was shocked, but the most shocked was myself. So I try to recreate my awesome ninja power, and end up just goofing everything up. This happens all the time. Dishes falling to the floor and I catch them. A jacket slipping off a hook. My wife tripping.

    But, when I actually try to employ this power, I end up the biggest klutz in the world. If only I could harness this power to save the world...

  2. I know that something specific is going to happen. I just know. Now If I paint them or draw into comic books maybe I can be like Isaac! (starts looking for addictive substances...)

    Aha! Chocolates! I'm gonna gorge myself with chocolates and see if I can paint the future XD

    Oh hey! I didn't know I could snail mail you!!! Email me your mailing address and I'll write ya :D I miss posting mail.

  3. If the area you are speaking of is Laramie, I'm sorry but I'll be in St. Paul, Minnesota at the end of the month. There is a slight chance I'll be in Laramie between mid-April and mid-May, but that is still up in the air. Darn!

  4. My superpower is spotting strands of hair in food! yikes!

    PS: Clay, you'd better lower the volume of the music in your next vlog.

  5. My superpower is having really movable kneecaps!

    Also, that Altoids wallet is a fantastic idea. What utility! :)

    ~ Jethro (

  6. kaishin could you be a little specific? Is the volume overpowering my voice, or your ears? Is the final raising of the volume too powerful?

  7. Hey Clay -
    I made a video response and posted it on my site (because I'm lame and am still a bit weirded out by YouTube, yes). Anyway, the post is here.

    Also, I thought the volume was ok, even at the end, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to soften it up a bit. I dunno. Seems alright to me.

  8. My superpower is .....sleep. I can sleep pratically anywhere, chairs, floor, cars, trains, beds, etc. As long as I have earphones I can even sleep while someone plays mahjong or i'm sleeping right next to a construction site. I can even sleep on bumpy rides....

    that's ......a really lame ability.....

    How do you open a normal iPod? I have my friend's, and I can't seem to open it's one of those big 20G ones with a cover on one side and a metal covering the back side.

  9. It's not consistent, but my super power is being able to brainwash Japanese people into thinking that I speak their language fluently.

    I bet you have this power, too!?

  10. My superpower is...


  11. i agree, heroes is kind of retarded, but still fun to watch. and mainstream exposure to japanese is pretty cool, especially in the beginning with the cool subtitles, although the pronunciation of some of the non fluent actors is like aagh

  12. Heroes is a neat show to watch, but sometimes the storyline loses me. I do love Hiro.

    My superpower? Predicting the $1,000,000 case on Deal or No Deal.


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