March 6, 2007

A little zen in the mountains [vlog]

Yeah I know, zen as a catch-all for Buddhism is lazy. Anyways, enjoy the vid.


  1. Very reporterly pencil-behind-the-ear look in this one. And actual nice guy southerner kudos for busting out a "ya'll." Ha ha.

    One thing - did you mean you need to buy a real camera? Cause I think you said real phone...but both make sense, I suppose. Anyhoo - good entry.

  2. Why not buy a few hacking tools and head up there one weekend, carve yourself a new path out of the brambles? You can pretend you're Indiana Jones. I know I do.

  3. well, I might have gotten confused as I have a camera phone.

    Now if I had a sword, I would give those brambles what-for!

  4. nuts, my office is still blocking vids :p if you know of any jobs I can apply for there lemme know! I'm outta here lolz!


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