March 26, 2007

Japan makes you an ego-maniac

  • Because you are always talking about yourself, whether you want to or not. Half the words in my electronic dictionary's save file are words I want to use to elucidate on myself. Today, I realized I want to look up "self-styled" to describe my cooking. Then I realized I had a blog entry on my hands.
  • Because you are a celebrity. Just for being the only non-Asian in town. It doesn't help matters when you do actually appear on tv.
  • Because they think everything you do and say is cool.
  • Because they give you gifts for no reason.
  • Because they all murmur about you wherever you go.
  • Because you are told you are good at everything.
  • Because everyone points out how big your body is.
  • Because they often suggest I marry their daughters.
    So... when I visit America, please forgive me if I seem like I think I am strangely interesting. Over here, I am strangely interesting.
    Anyhoo, ready for some bad Japanese? This month's subject is Onsens.