March 26, 2007

Japan makes you an ego-maniac

  • Because you are always talking about yourself, whether you want to or not. Half the words in my electronic dictionary's save file are words I want to use to elucidate on myself. Today, I realized I want to look up "self-styled" to describe my cooking. Then I realized I had a blog entry on my hands.
  • Because you are a celebrity. Just for being the only non-Asian in town. It doesn't help matters when you do actually appear on tv.
  • Because they think everything you do and say is cool.
  • Because they give you gifts for no reason.
  • Because they all murmur about you wherever you go.
  • Because you are told you are good at everything.
  • Because everyone points out how big your body is.
  • Because they often suggest I marry their daughters.
    So... when I visit America, please forgive me if I seem like I think I am strangely interesting. Over here, I am strangely interesting.
    Anyhoo, ready for some bad Japanese? This month's subject is Onsens.

    1. Clay, you're right about being a star for no good reason in Japan. I was wondering, with your self-styled cooking (a la Tangy Noodle Soup) if you get really hysterical looks from people checking out what's in your shopping cart. I know I do. Ha ha.

      I'll get my essay up tomorrow if at all possible. Ha ha. Nicely done.

    2. Interesting!(Off course, everything you say is cool and interesting. lol) That’s kind of the opposite impression to what a girl I know felt in the United States.

      >So... when I visit America, please forgive me if I seem like I think I am strangely interesting. Over here, I am strangely interesting.
      I don’t think you have to worry about it. It seems you are humble enough to say like “>ready for some bad Japanese?”.

      Time for Japanese!
      お泊りで行ったら、テーブル一杯に並べてくれる上げ膳据え膳(agezen suezen / have everything done for me)のお料理が好き。座椅子に座ってリラックス!でも、確かに高いね。

    3. Ah yes, the open air onsen here in 太良町 has a very nice view of the sea and Nagasaki. I want to stay at a ryokan and have the full experience sometime.

    4. Oh Deas your comment slipped by me; how rare. Yep I get wierd comments. I also get "鍋を焼くつもりですか?" 

    5. Just published my essay. :-) This is really just a trackback. Enjoy. Or not. It's really your choice. Ha ha.

      Btw - I am glad to see that some Japanese people find onsens boring too. I was trying to think of a more polite way to say it, but that pretty much covers it. (I liked the naked angle better, though.) Man, did that sound wrong.


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