May 4, 2007

gegege golden week

BTW, if you want, Deas, you can include this in the blog Matsuri.


  1. You bought the exact same iPod as I bought a couple of months ago. A great choice I'm addicted to mine already, though I'm beginning to wonder if 30 gigabytes is enough.
    I have to say the man-purse does look conveniant (it also looks like a small golf case). I wish I had enough confidence and style to wear something that looked as ridiculous (yes that is a compliment).

  2. There's an even bigger/larger/huger? statue in Sendai that reminded me of the stay-puft marshmallow man in Ghost Busters.

    Am I the only one who thought that the white statue in your video totally looked like one of the gates with the glowing-eyed bare-breasted huge statues that shot lasers from their eyes in Never Ending Story? Especially your shot from below it.

  3. Oh, and your man-purse looks like a mini golf bag. That's excellent.

    I, too, bought a man-purse last year, but it was smaller, and I attached it to my belt, and I imagined that I was Indiana Jones exploring ancient ruins in the boonies of Japan.

  4. oh I have a belt attachment too, girlfriend.
    Neverending stooooory ahahahaaaahahhhh

  5. I love "The Neverending Story" theme song, from the 80's fantasy movie that you once used on your vlog about Ben Affleck.
    Too bad I can't find it on iIunes.
    I wonder where you found it?


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