May 17, 2007

old man vid lost :(


  1. Spiderman does NOT fight red-beaked ninjas in a forest. What a ridiculous sham!

    Also, I'm saddened that I have to use my gmail info to post comments here, now. I get no love for my victorymanual.

  2. however, Spidaa-mann does fight ninjas

    Eh? I am able to find your website if I click on your name...

  3. The person who sent you all those cool gifts sounds so generous and humble. Qualities we should all aspire to. Where can I get friends like that?


  4. If you want to hang out with the guy, that's fine, and I'm sure he'd enjoy that. You could even give him some sort of small gift as a thank you for a fun night or something. However, if you show up with a pile of blankets and food and a tent and insist that you're taking him to a doctor/old folks home in order to save him from his wretched life, did it occur to you that he might be offended? He does okay for himself. He at least has a bicycle and book of folk songs, and might even have a job. There are actually two homeless guys at the station, and one travels across the entire ken every day to work. Remember, homeless in Japan don't beg. With homeless people in any country, you have to be incredibly careful in how you offer help.

  5. Who said I was going to take him to a homeless shelter or try to change his life in any way? Relax.
    I'm just fielding for ideas.

  6. Clay, I'm sure if you visit the guy once in a while and sing, that will be a gift in itself. With time as your friendship grows he may mention something he has a strong desire for and would accept from you in the name of friendship. You may also learn some great things from him.
    Auntie Nan


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