May 7, 2007

Things that never happened are so messed up

Today was body horror day. By which I mean the genre perfected by the likes of David Cronenberg.
First there was the dream. A man being inflated grotesquely, then deflated. It repeated that part many times until I got disgusted enough to wake.
Then I watched the new Doctor Who episode which not only was another body horror thing but also really violated the laws of conservation of mass*.
And then one of my fans sent me a link to this:

So I feel a little messed up with all the body horror in one day.

*Oddly enough time travel and a sonic screwdriver don't violate my suspension of disbelief though.


  1. The Stuff. I don't have The Stuff, but I do have The Junk. But, I like The Junk. I don't think I'd like The Stuff.

    Do you realize that you just made a post referring to "one of your fans"? Is that not a little-bit scary?

  2. Scary on the ego-meter, ne? I worried a bit about that word, but really, it's the most honest I could be.
    Notice I didn't say "fanatic." I think I have a couple of those too...

  3. How can you talk about body-horror without mentioning "Rosemary's Baby" (I know it's a little old fashioned). It's also one of the few movies that's far better than the book it was adapted from.
    As for David Cronenberg, I miss his old movies like "The Brood" ,"Dead Ringers" and "The Fly". For now he's stopped making horror movies. His (relatively) recent "The History of Violence" is interesting, but it can't compare to his earlier horror masterpieces


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