May 15, 2007


So I don't take the time for leasure, at least not in a way that is organized enough. Pause for irony. So this is what I am thinking. Keep in mind my goal is to pass the 1kyu Japanese test next year (crazy goals=crazy results). And I wanna play all these videogames that keep piling up. I just recently found out how to use my wii remote for emulated games on my iMac.

8am-3:30pm: Job/JET books
3:30-5:00: Study via net resources
5:00-5:30 eat
5:30-6:30 exercise
7:00-8:00 game
8:00-8:30 read Japanese
8:30-9:00 read English (愛読のため)
9:00-10:00 brain training on the DS, kanji game on the DS, Word list on the DS
10:00- Internet junk
after- go to bed and read till sleep comes

And all kinds of things happen during downtime at the job.


  1. You've gotta tell me how to use my Wii controller to play emulated games. Link!! Link!?

    I'm envious of your schedule. Wish I could pull off all of that. Are the kanji games worth it? Maybe I'll pick them up after all.

  2. It's embarrassing that I don't actually study any damn Japanese while I'm living here...but, I'm awfully unmotivated and making weak attempts to change my attitude. Anyway, I think if I were using a more interactive internet anything, it might help. I know you have some sites linked on this page, but could you tell me your favorites? or how you rotate? problem is like "do I want to study Japanese grammar on the internet or just go listen to my to my beloved jii-jiis at the igo parlor blab on and on about jii-jii things?"

    Our time is precious. Good fucking luck on the 1kyu. I personally think the proficiency tests are a bitch. Cheers!

  3. Deas, google "darwin remote", then program the buttons whatever way you want with that program.

    Zara, my faves are marked ◎ cause they are double awesome. BTW, watch the language, please, this is a family-read blog.


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