May 15, 2007


So I don't take the time for leasure, at least not in a way that is organized enough. Pause for irony. So this is what I am thinking. Keep in mind my goal is to pass the 1kyu Japanese test next year (crazy goals=crazy results). And I wanna play all these videogames that keep piling up. I just recently found out how to use my wii remote for emulated games on my iMac.

8am-3:30pm: Job/JET books
3:30-5:00: Study via net resources
5:00-5:30 eat
5:30-6:30 exercise
7:00-8:00 game
8:00-8:30 read Japanese
8:30-9:00 read English (愛読のため)
9:00-10:00 brain training on the DS, kanji game on the DS, Word list on the DS
10:00- Internet junk
after- go to bed and read till sleep comes

And all kinds of things happen during downtime at the job.