May 14, 2007

This month's blog matsuri

Japanese bloggers come together once a month or so to blog about a common theme and share links. This time I was included in the fun, with a tourism theme. See the entries at Deas' blog.


  1. Clay - why do I have to use a Blogger or Google account to post comments now? I'd rather just use my site and site email...can I have that option back? :-)

    Also - thanks very much for this post. I encourage more participation too! It's potentially a great way to find more Japan-bloggers and create a tighter community. And in case you're interested...I'm fairly sure they still don't have a host volunteer for the next if you have a theme idea, wink wink wink nudge nudge nudge... :-)

  2. Deas, I think you can set it up to go strait to your page... deshou. Look a bit and let me know if you can't. I am trying to filter out the passive aggressive anonymous types.

  3. Well, all of the commenting and everything is written in ought to be quite a feat. :-/

    ...nudge nudge...

  4. whoops link missing there :p


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