May 1, 2008

1kyu grammar explanations done

I finally finished translating my big book of grammar. You may have previously seen it in a blog post, and that post is completely updated, but you can just view the full list here. If someone really wants to, I can create a duplicate list and put them on as an author so that they can add corrections and example sentences. But I am moving on; this list is gonna be copy-pasted into my Anki deck, and I am going to take Alex's wife's advice and memorize the original book (plus do all the workbook problems).
日本語は大変な試しでなくてなんだろう!See, you would already know what that means if you were reading the list right now.
Edit: Slightly edited it a little to make some things clearer.
Also: I did this for a few 2kyu grammar things too last year, but that list is incomplete and likely won't be completed (I know the grammar, so don't want to back-track).