May 2, 2008

Pusan from Fukuoka: Should I stay or should I go now?

Not a calendar person. I can't emphasize that enough if I say it eight days a week. So Golden Week has once again caught me off guard. I may be able to manage passage on a ferry to Korea, even now, but have no idea if I will find things like lodging and food that doesn't bark (the rest of the country's food looks pretty good though).
And then there is the dumb cat. Dumb cat got a leg gash and has to be given medicine. Old man takes off dumb cat's no-lick satellite dish collar. I lecture old man. Old man doesn't believe me. Old man is untrustworthy substitute human. Simple present-tense sentences come out of keyboard. So can I find someone to take care of this cat? This is basically my last chance to go on vacation for a long time what with the move coming up.
My other options include a major study holiday. So many books to get through. Not just textbooks, but manga and novels. Maurice gave me about 50 manga volumes. My aunt bought me an entire Yu Miri collection of novels. I could turn off the internet and just study for five days. I could. Will I?
One last nagging thought: Wii Fit will yell at me when I get back.