May 29, 2008

About the Hopeless Romantic

After four years, I've finally gotten around to introducing the blog properly here.

That's me, Claytonian. Actually I only look suave as I do in that picture due to the sexy lighting.

This blog started in 2004 as an mundane outlet for my lovelorn broodings in college. I embraced the pathos in life's beauty, and became The Hopeless Romantic. The one and only. Eventually, I got better. Well, by better I mean grouchier and older. It's called maturity. But I still have enough idealism (read: stubbornness) to keep the Hopeless Romantic title.

Now (as of July 2005 thanks to a now ended stint in the JET Programme ) I live in a land where "Hopeless Romantic" doesn't have a very adequate translation (though I have heard the word ロマンチスト). Anyways, yes, I am in Japan. There are ninjas, and yakuza, and giant monsters and nouns that we don't pluralize sometimes because they come from another language.

Things that are great about Japan: conveyor-belt sushi, used manga and video game stores, kimonos, tatami, odd movies, and instant celebrity wherever I go for being the tallest guy around.
Things not so great: discrimination, heat, cold, car taxes, and bureaucracy.

I plan to stick around for a while yet; soon I will celebrate my fifth Japanniversary.
I recommend looking at the archives if you want to see what makes me tick, but here are some of my favorite posts:
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