May 29, 2008

RSS options

First, the basic feed for The Hopeless Romantic is here. Well, actually a few of them are, ready for the feed reader of your choice; just click on the one you use when you get there.

Okay, if you are wondering what RSS is and why it can make the internet better for you and how it will help you keep up with the blog, you need to watch the video in the middle of this post.

More RSS options after the video!

What is RSS?

I know a lot of people out there, particularly moms, that don't know about RSS yet.
Okay, RSS is basically a code sent out by participating webpages that lets you know when said webpages have updated. Just watch this video to see how it works (so easy!)
Once you've got that grokked, choose a RSS reader. The best one is probably Google Reader. If you have a google account, you already have google reader. I also recommend using Firefox because if a site has a feed, you know right away and can just click to add the feed to your reader or even bookmarks.
Clear as mud? Well I hope you enjoy using this to explore not just my site, but also the whole web.
The following links are not part of this blog, but they are related to me...
・The feed for my world famous Youtube vlogs is here.
・My Twitter is here.
・I have a shared items feed, powered by Google Reader (see the "what is RSS?" section if you are confused by this), but basically, if I find something interesting on the web, I will share it through this, and maybe write a little commentary. The shared items page is here (ninjas!), and the feed is here.
・There is a feed for all the Japan blogs I follow (but don't write myself) here.
・And all the Japanese language blogs I study can be subbed to here.