May 6, 2008

Average salaries in Japan part II

Last post I laid out some salaries that I found in a book at the local family mart. It's now updated a bit (the only one I was really off on was the cop; holy crap they are really rich!). I also picked up these salaries today:

Doctor: 1,100 man. Bit lower than an American doctor I think.
Professor: 1,130 man.
taxi driver: 300 man.
manga-ka: 240 man. Another secret dream job disappoints.
writer: 330 man. Yet another secret dream job.

The book may be enjoyable to read; I found the Japanese was about right for my level. Each entry seems to be, "you may think it's easy to be x, but actually..." It was also fairly cheap, but I was more interested in the scary stories collection to its right (-_^)