May 31, 2008

How to Study Japanese: Japanese Tools Online

So here's the links for things mentioned in the videos (the sidebar I mentioned is to your right as we speak).

Get Rikaichan at this site. You will need to download its dictionary separately. I also use the names dictionary. Usually shift switches on the fly between dictionaries and kanji details.

You can join Lang-8 here.

Download Anki here.

You can download many kinds of Anki decks here.

The audio links I mentioned are here.

Firefox search engines can be found at Mycroft.

Bonus for ya: All the 1kyu grammar terms are explained in my own poor words here. A few 2kyu grammar explanations can be found here And my general advice for taking the JLPT can be seen here.

A great way to have Firefox with you wherever you go is to use the USB-drive version from Portableapps.
Need to know where something is or have a suggestion for what else is good to use to study via computers and internet? Leave a comment.
And finally, my only other video on studying Japanese: What Books to Read

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