May 31, 2008

Japanese Listening aids and other links

I am moving or deleting a bunch of Japanese links from the sidebar, but you may enjoy these.

Listening Aids
Nihongo Juku
Japanese101◎ The best Japanese podcast. Incontestably.
Real World
MP3 Japan
Osaka-ben◎Takes the time to write out the regular Japanese so you know how Osaka-ben is different. Moved to study feeds.

Language links
翻訳 Exhaustively good, but I just don't use it anymore; I have custom searches for this. If you try it, you will find the second search bar on the page more useful. Confusion like that is one of the reasons I'm dropping it.
Kanji Cards
Kanji Drills
Japan Forum
Gaijin Pot
Karate Terms
Quirky Japan